22 December, 2013

How much I love Italy

Balneciaga Jacket/ Maxmara Gia bag

I had the chance to stay Italy for work sometime as much as I really love the city. This trip has turned out to be truly memorable and one of the best experience ever, there had some reason actually...
First of all, the simple fact that I had some real free time to join the city was one of them, Mliano, Firenze, Como & Reggio emilia where is Maxmara heard office. During my visit, I got work with an absolutely amazing team which is Weekend by Max mara visual team, there re big family and really nice n friendly, also we got to work with other partner who is form New York, Paris, London & Russian, Having the chance to work with the awesome ppls definitly made my trip so much more exciting, interesting & fun.

Second, let's share my visit in Como Nord Lago. there was such as fantastic lake, the atmosphere is completely different with the city and well let's say you don't need to explore that much, took the ferry visit the peaceful island one by one, walking down by sunset while admiring all the gorgeous shop n coffee break was part of the best moment of the trip without a single doubt...especially spend time with myself.

I'm in love travel with myself, am loved to be able to relax my brain a little and heart-searching. Sometime, not taking yourself too serious n too much, just be a stylish n effortless gal , on trend n be a attractive ensemble. that's wt I want. Jane~