01 October, 2010


好欣賞Selfridges 個 window, 只利用了原木材, red lighting wire , 燈光已完成整個window。運用大大小小的射燈向一件product投射, 使你的視線直接集中在該product上, 以red lighting wire作整個畫面highlight, 加上用原木顏色的木材作配合, 無論塑造得幾複雜幾誇張也沒有奪去焦點, 依然帶出product才是主角。

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29 September, 2010

Harvey Nichols windows in London

~Hammer made of nails~

I luv the "Book man", 留意其表情 & 頭髮都係用兩本書完成...very nice!


~全棵樹 & 頭髮都係用pencil造成...Amazing~

~如果用Cassette tapes做傢俬都幾好wo~

~Dress made from wooden clothes pegs. I want one dress like this ~

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I'll be waiting for ...

"Blue Valentine" 
~Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling ~


Stephen Jones & The Accent of Fashion, Antwerp

Antwerp Fashion Museum to Celebrate 30 Years of Stephen Jones. I like the setting !

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28 September, 2010


"Sexy Katy"

Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

Peacock - Katy Perry
Is crazy music video but.......cute also.^^

Hatched At Louis Vuitton Bond St, London

The ostrich eggs have hatched at the Bond St Louis Vuitton store in London.

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Harvey Nichols' and Lula's pop-up shop

Popped in a wee pop-up shop to celebrate Lula magazine's 5th birthday.

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"Lucy in Disguise" vintage shop

'Lucy in Disguise' vintage shop is Lily Allen and Sarah Owen's Clothing Store, in London Convent Garden.

Miss U...

Sift Chocolate Cake

G/F, 46 Graham Street, Central

I miss..."Girl's night out"
I miss..."Sift Chocolate Cake"
Also...Miss you so much...BEL!

27 September, 2010

"Digital Clutch"

(less than 2.5cm thin/  diameter of just over 25cm /1.2 kg) 
The digital clutch features all of Microsofts latest including:
Windows® 7, Internet Explorer 8, WiFi, 320 GB hardrive,
2GB memory, webcam and HP Quickweb.

Vivienne Tam x HP = High-Fashion x High-Tech

HP與Vivienne Tam推出最新 Crossover  HP + Vivienne Tam Butterfly Lovers Netbook, 即是模特兒手上「Digital Clutch」,成為2010年Vivienne Tam 春季時裝

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Spray-on Fabric

A Spanish fashion designer, Manel Torres has developed the spray-on clothing!




He has join different material to shaping the dress...


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